Rolling in the deep.

I was in your arms
thinking i belonged there

Hey hey. My name is Chiara. And i'm from Argentina. I love music, books, and one direction. I couldn't live without them. I hate people who act like somebody else. I'm a little bit insecure. I need to change my ways instead of always being weak, but i know that i'm ok, 'cuz everyone is perfect in unusual ways.


Something's made
your eyes go cold

But i was a fool
playing by the rules

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(27/4/10 / 17:06)

Trato de ser valiente, Rezo para que todo salga bien, porque se que pronto sere... el centro de atención. Me veo sobre el escenario, bajo la luz de los focos, con gente que me aplaude, tocando rock con mi guitarra, siento una super estrella. Pero lo único que necesito en verdad es a tí.