Rolling in the deep.

I was in your arms
thinking i belonged there

Hey hey. My name is Chiara. And i'm from Argentina. I love music, books, and one direction. I couldn't live without them. I hate people who act like somebody else. I'm a little bit insecure. I need to change my ways instead of always being weak, but i know that i'm ok, 'cuz everyone is perfect in unusual ways.


Something's made
your eyes go cold

But i was a fool
playing by the rules

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(11/3/10 / 13:49)

Reinas y Reyes se apoderan y en sus manos esta su palacio.
Un nombre con una dulce y tranquila melodía se apodera de mi paraíso, palacio, de mi… mi vida. Ese nombre que por mi corre, y que hace fluir la sangre de mis venas. Esas seis letras que al juntarlas hacen palpitar y darle vida a mi corazón. Esas seis letras que mi mundo pintaron y el mundo me enseñaron. Esas seis letras que de mi no tienen escapatoria. Justin.